I woke up one morning, everything was different. I was the same person as I’ve always been. I’m still Amber. However, my brain is seeing things more clearer than ever before. My brain is saying all the things that my subconscious knew but couldn’t say out loud, couldn’t live them out loud. For the fear of other peoples judgment. For the fear of failure. This change that occurred in me and around me was devastating!

I found myself in the middle of a pandemic, my mom got t-boned in the beginning of the year, my child had a devastating crisis happen towards the end of 2020. There’s nothing more sad than all the lives lost. I am so very thankful our family survived that year. The after math of this, is still present 2 yrs later. No wonder everyone is saying it’s the “GREAT AWAKENING “! Well I’m mf awake now!!

Luna and myself.

Published by AmbiDawn

I am a mother of three young adults, who grew up on a very small farm and a very small town by the border of Mexico. I own six cats, and four dogs and my daughter snake. I have had fibromyalgia for over 17 years. Recently got diagnosed with arthritis. I am a cannabis lover because I use it as a medicine through my body and mind. People don’t even know much about this plant. But I absolutely stand behind it 100%. I love gardening.Well that’s me! 💚💚💚💚🍀🍀

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