Here I am in my bed, on a pillow I lay my head.

Strange pain pulls my bones from the meat, like a dead horse, again, I’ve been beat

Muscle spasms in every fiber, nothing I can do, let me die here

Love I have for life, defend her I will, cut them with a knife

Nothing I do works to kill the pain, so let me just dance in the rain

Ginger and I

Published by AmbiDawn

I am a mother of three young adults, who grew up on a very small farm and a very small town by the border of Mexico. I own six cats, and four dogs and my daughter snake. I have had fibromyalgia for over 17 years. Recently got diagnosed with arthritis. I am a cannabis lover because I use it as a medicine through my body and mind. People don’t even know much about this plant. But I absolutely stand behind it 100%. I love gardening.Well that’s me! 💚💚💚💚🍀🍀

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